Ground Rules

Ground Rules for Participation in the Coalition

  • We agree with the mission of the coalition.
  • We believe collaboration is the key to success and that we can fulfill our mission by working together.
  • We are committed to making the coalition a positive force in the animal-helping community by focusing on the common ground, shared goals, and points of agreement among our members.
  • We will not publicly criticize the efforts of the coalition, the members of the coalition, or others in the animal-helping community.
  • We are committed to building a consensus with the full participation of all members and will strive to reach decisions all members can accept.
  • We support transparency in the coalition’s governance, finances, policies, and programs.
  • We will share information regarding our own organization’s activities as they relate to the coalition’s mission and goals (such as intake, adoption, euthanasia, and spay/neuter numbers) so that the coalition’s achievements can be measured.
  • We agree that consistency in participation is key to keeping the coalition’s efforts focused and moving forward and will send the same representative(s) to each coalition meeting.