5th Annual MnPAW Conference – Oct. 2, 2016
This years conference consists of three workshops given by two exceptional speakers and multiple opportunities to network and collaborate with other animal welfare advocates.

For more info, visit: 2016 MnPAW Conference

MnPAW believes that by joining forces to use its ideas, expertise and resources in a coordinated way it can make a greater impact on reducing euthanasia of adoptable animals.


To encourage collaboration among Minnesota Animal Welfare Organizations and engage the community to ensure a home for every companion animal in Minnesota and to advocate for responsible pet ownership

Current initiatives

The coalition currently focuses primarily on canines and felines. This is where some of the largest concerns are seen, especially in feline population issues. The goal of the coalition is to reduce the use of euthanasia as a means of population control.

MnPAW is focused on reducing the numbers of animals coming into shelters, animal control and rescues. In addition, it hopes to increase the share of animals that are being adopted from animal control, shelters and rescues as compared to other sources. To achieve this, initiatives will focus on spay/neuter, adoption partnerships, education and advocacy.